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Thomas was so excited to become a dad. Then the day came, he was holding his son and it set in. Becoming a dad didn’t feel the way he expected. He felt uncertain and lost. He didn’t have a village. He felt alone. After the birth of his second son he realized there had to be more men out there like him; men that were excited to become a father and who loved their kids so much, but also felt alone. He started the DADHOOD so he could connect with other dads in a meaningful way. He wanted to hear their stories and advice. 


Now  through the DADHOOD podcast, he shares stories of dads from all walks of life along with advice from experts in health and fitness, wellness, financial literacy, business and more. He holds community events where dad’s can connect and build relationships with other dads who want to be the best version of themselves.

Mission of DADHOOD

A space where dad's connect.

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Father and Daughter
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