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A DAD's Activity for teaching Self-Love

Dad doing a craft with his kids

Alright dads, dust off that old craft box and get ready—we're heading into the glitter-filled, paint-splattered bedazzled world of arts and crafts. The mission, should you choose to accept, is to craft your own 'Self-Love Activity'—an activity dedicated to highlighting your child's awesomeness and, quite possibly, messing up your extra clean and tidy kitchen beyond recognition. But hey, everything for love, right?

Welcome to Dadhoods step-by-step guide to navigating this creative activity. Alright dads brace yourself as we venture into an activity filled with potential smiles and self-confidence and lasting memories.

Step 1: Preppin' Like a Boss
  • First up, pick the most opportune moment for this activity. A time when your little Van Goghs are bursting with energy but not in a 'let's paint the walls' kind of way.

  • Second, gather your art supplies—paper, glue, markers, the works. And maybe throw in some newspaper or a tarp for easy cleanup. Remember, this activity is about fun not stress.

  • Finally, clear some 'creative space'. The dining table, coffee table... uh, that space with four legs that sort of resembles a table.

Step 2: Let the Games Begin
  • Sit your little ones or big ones down and share some wisdom on self-love. Remind them it's not some weird narcissist thing, but a celebration of their individual coolness.

  • Share some things that make you a pretty badass dad yourself, and then let them take the spotlight to ponder over their own badass-ness (I know it's not a real word, but go with it).

  • Turn on your Don Draper (MAd Men) and pitch some project ideas. Be it a slick drawing, fresh scrapbook, vision board, song or, for the next Shakespeare in the family, a poem or skit.

Step 3: Create the Montage
  • Now that the stage is set, unleash the little creative geniuses onto their projects.

  • Be you kids sideline cheerleader, tool fetcher, and emergency cleanup partner. In essence, offer your unwavering support and a ton of enthusiasm.

  • Through their crafting struggles, or mastery, interact, ask, listen, and laugh. Know them a little deeper, one creation at a time.

Step 4: The Grand Reveal
  • Once the last dab of paint has been cleaned up and the crafts are ready, gather the fam and let the show begin.

  • Share that warmth, pride and support with constructive comments, admiration, and the occasional tears if they come up.

  • Finally, reserve a special place of honor in your house for their masterpieces. It could be the fridge, or, any spot where they will see it often.

So, whether your Self-Love activity ends up looking like a Picasso's exhibit or represents a cool pop-art shop, the focus is on love, appreciation, and surviving another day in the amazing roller coaster that is dadhood.

Have fun with this one dads, and welcome to lasting memories.

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