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Cultivating Gratitude: A Fun and Uplifting Activity for Dads and Kids

Cutting out a leaf for the gratitude tree

Welcome to another DADHOOD post! As committed dads, we continually seek activities that cultivate the bond between us and our kids. Today, I introduce a simple but highly rewarding experience - practicing gratitude through a fun activity. Not only does expressing gratitude make us happier and healthier, but it also strengthens the indispensable bond between you and your little ones. Together, let's grow an ever-lasting memory tree!

Activity Overview

This activity is all about cutting out paper leaves, writing something you're thankful for on each, and sticking them to your kids door. It's simple yet impactful. To carry out this bonding experience, all you need is some colored paper (or use the templet I created for you), scissors, a marker, and some tape or sticky putty.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select Some Colored Paper: You can either use my template or get a little wild and create your own fun leafs. If you have little ones who enjoy a pop of bright colors, throw in some lime greens, neon blues, and pinks, too!

  2. Cut Out The Leaves: Draw a leaf shape on the paper first, then let the scissors do their work. Remember, they don't have to be perfect. It's the thought that counts.

  3. Gratitude Time: This is where the magic happens. Ask your child what they're grateful for and write it down on the leaf. Take turns. You express your gratitude, too. This simple act will show them the value of respecting and appreciating the world around them.

  4. Stick The Leaves to The Door: One by one, stick the gratitude leaves on your child's door to create their very own unique gratitude tree. Dad don't be afraid to create your own on your door as well.

Tips and Tricks

To make this leap into engaging gratitude more memorable, consider these tips:

  • Let your child lead the activity, fostering their creativity and independence.

  • Encourage open conversation about every item you both are grateful for. Delve deep into the why, igniting a thoughtful discussion about gratitude.

  • Feel free to decorate the leaves or use stickers to make them more exciting.

  • Turn it into a daily or weekly ritual to continually reflect on the blessings you both have in life.

  • Remember this activity is about gratitude and connection, not perfection.


This activity is a simple yet creative and personal way for you and your kids to cultivate gratitude and strengthen your bonds.

I would love to hear how this activity has created joy and gratitude into your life. Share your unique gratitude tree with us in the comment section below and inspire fellow Dadhood members! Feel free to share your experience on Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #DadhoodGratitude for us all to admire your work.

Remember, it's in the little moments that great love is built. Let's construct our endless love with our kids, one leaf at a time.


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